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We provide system integration services to help our customers not only with their hardware but also with their software and point of distribution. Each system is configured according to customers' specifications for both hardware and software and can range in monthly quantities from one to the thousands.

Whether you require a thousand systems with one configuration or a thousand systems each configured differently, we have the procedures, controls, and manufacturing techniques to ensure on time delivery and efficiency. In addition, we can ship directly to the point of sale on behalf of our customers, making ABC's involvement completely transparent for the final user. ABC can manage warranties, return claims, and RMA dispositions of these systems on behalf of our customers on an ongoing basis.


Hardware configuration.




High volume system imaging and integration.



Custom made systems.




Customized branding, markings, software and literature as well as RMA management and dispositions.





We specialize in:

  • Circuit Board Assemblies
  • Cable & Harness Assemblies
  • Boxes & Panels



  • System Integration (including imaging and software)
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • New Product Introduction



  • Supply Chain Management
  • Testing
  • Repair and Reverse Logistics Services
  • Quick Turn Around and Prototypes


ABC Assembly 7230 Empire Central Drive Houston, TX 77040
TEL ( 713 ) 983 - 7192

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